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All our curriculum and syllabuses are validated by the SEP (The Ministry of Education)


We encourage our students to develop researching skills and to explore situations in their environment, to participate in the changes required by our globalized world and to be responsible with their impact on it.

Our focus:

  •   High academic level
  •   Bicultural program
  •   Innovative and cutting-edge education
  •   International certifications
  •   Promotion of sports culture
  •   Arts Program (Music, Art and Dance)
  •   Alliances that reinforce Buena Tierra’s educational model


  •   Equipped classrooms
  •   Roofed sports courts
  •   School transportation
  •   Registration and integrated tuitions
  •   Quality service
  •   Large facilities
  •   Closed circuit
  About us

Grooves of Buena Tierra

Grooves of
“Buena Tierra”

Buena Tierra plants seeds that will grow in men and women of integrity, self-assured and self-reliable. All that, will give them strength and will to achieve their dreams. When there is will, we find the way.


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