Dolores Berumen y Riquelme “Miss Lolis” founder of the first bilingual schools in Toluca and Metepec, started our school in September 1997. When she started Colegio Buena Tierra, Lolis was motivated by the fact that education in Mexico had to change. She thought that students should be inquiring and analytical, who know the why, how and when of things. Our founder believes that students should develop skills, and that they should also become critical thinkers, and not just kids who exercise their memory.

educational model

Our educational model

Based on Constructivism

Cooperative and meaningful learning as the motto of our School mentions: "Making knowledge one’s own", requires both the development of skills and the promotion of positive attitudes towards others and their environment.

institutional values institutional values institutional values


Colegio Buena Tierra makes sure that the core of our student’s education is based in making knowledge one’s own in a climate of respect for themselves and their environment, developing their skills, enjoying and sharing knowledge in a mixed, secular, bicultural School, with cutting-edge technology and education within values. Buena Tierra Community works towards continuous improvement, in order to fulfill our commitments.



To Offer an avant-garde educational model according to our context. To be recognized as an educational institution in an international level, because the great work we do. To form upright human beings who know how to face and solve life's problems, who ennoble, fight and feel proud of their country, and who transcend in the harmonic consolidation of a better world.

institutional goals

We are a mixed, secular and bicultural School. We work with cutting edge technology to promote the development and learning of our students in order to fulfill our commitments with society towards the education of happier people.

Institutional goals